Terms and conditions of use

1. General guidelines

1.1. These regulations are an imperative legal document for both Parties which establish rights, obligations, and liability when buyer purchases an item from the e-shop.

1.2. Seller has a right to change, fix, or add regulations according to the law. Buyer is informed on the website of the e-shop. Regulations which are in effect during an order are applied when making a purchase.

1.3. The right to make a purchase is applied to:

1.3.1. pro-active natural persons, meaning people who are adults and are not limited by court decision;

1.3.2. minors from ages 14 to 18 if they have permission from their parents or curators, except in cases when minors command their own income;

1.3.3. legal persons;

1.3.4. authorized representatives of all the above.

1.4. By confirming the regulations Seller guarantees that Buyer can purchase items from the e-shop according to point 1.3.

1.5. Agreement between Seller and Buyer is considered to be made from the moment when Buyer put his items in the shopping bag, indicated his address, chosen a method of payment and clicked "Continue" after agreeing to the regulations (look at point 5 "Ordering, prices, settlement procedure, dates).

1.6. Every agreement between Seller and Buyer is kept in the database of the e-shop.

2. Protection of personal data

2.1. Buyer can order items from the e-shop by:

2.1.1. by registering his username on the e-shop;

2.1.2. not registering on the e-shop.

2.2. By ordering items according to 2.1 Buyer has to fill the necessary information which is: first and last name, delivery address, phone number, and e-mail address.

2.3. By confirming the regulations Buyer agrees that information mentioned in 2.2 can be used by Seller for work analysis and direct marketing.

2.4. By agreeing that his personal data can be used for analysis, Buyer also agrees that the necessary information to complete the order can be sent to his e-email or phone.

2.5. By registering and ordering items, Seller agrees not to reveal login information for his account on the e-shop.

3. Rights and obligations of a Buyer

3.1. Buyer has the right to purchase items according to these regulations and other regulation which can be found on the website of the e-shop.

3.2. Buyer has a right to refuse his purchase agreement with the e-shop by informing Seller via 

e-mail with the information about the unwanted item but not later than 14 weekdays from the day the item was delivered, except when the agreement cannot be refused according to the law of Republic of Lithuania.

3.3. Buyer can use the right in 3.2 only if the item was not damaged or its appearance was not changed noticeably, and when the item was not used.

3.4. Buyer is obligated to receive the item and pay the agreed price.

3.5. If the information in the form of registration changes, Buyer has to update it immediately.

3.6. Buyer obliges not to give his login information to third party. If Buyer loses his login information, he immediately has to inform the Seller by picking one of the Contacts which can be found on the website.

3.7. By using the e-shop Buyer agrees to these regulations and is obliged to hold his agreement and not break law of Republic of Lithuania.

4. Rights and obligations of a seller

4.1. Seller is obliged to ensure that Buyer can use the e-shop and make all the necessary purchases.

4.2. If a Buyer tries to damage the e-shop in any way or does not hold up to his agreements Seller has a right to immediately limit or suspend the account of a Buyer without any warning.

4.3. Seller obliges to respect Seller's right of privacy and his information which can be found in the form of registration.

4.4. Seller obliges to deliver items to the address of a Buyer.

5. Ordering, prices, settlement procedures, dates

5.1. E-shop is available to the Buyer 24/7.

5.2. Agreement is legal from the moment when Buyer familiarizes himself with the regulations and agrees to them by pressing "Continue" button, and when Seller receives the order and sends confirmation to the e-mail of a Buyer.

5.3. Prices in the shop and the order are in Euros, VAT included.

5.4. Seller can pay using these methods:

5.4.1. using electronic banking - an up-front method by using the electronic banking system of a Buyer. In order to use the method Buyer needs to have an account in one of these banks: SEB, Swedbank, DNB Nord, Parex, "Ūkio bankas", Danske, Nordea. Money is transferred to the account of a Seller. In this case, liability is in the hands of a used bank, since all money operations are made in the bank's system.

5.4.2. bank transfer - an up-front payment method when Buyer prints his order information and goes to his bank to make a transfer from there.

5.4.3. using bank cards.

5.5. Buyer obliges to pay immediately. Only after the payment is received, the process of order begins and the term of item delivery starts.

6. Delivery

6.1. By making a purchase Buyer obliges to indicate the correct address of delivery.

6.2. Item is delivered by a Seller or an authorized person of a Seller, usually a courier.

6.3. Seller delivers items according to the terms indicate in the description of the items. These terms are preliminary and are not applied when Seller does not have them in the warehouse. In this case, Buyer is informed. Buyer also agrees that delivery can be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. In this case, Seller is obliged to immediately contact the Buyer and work out all the requirements to complete the order.

6.4. Seller is not liable for breaking delivery terms if item is not delivered or not delivered on time due to the fault of a Buyer or due to circumstances the Seller was unable to foresee or predict.

6.5. Buyer has to immediately inform the Seller if an item comes in damaged box or is missing some component of a delivery. 

6.6. Buyer has to fill a form which he can get from a courier in case his delivery is missing something or is damaged. This has to happen in the presence of a courier. If Buyer does not act, Seller is no longer responsible for any damages of the delivery which were not checked by a Seller in the document provided by a courier.

7. Item quality, guarantees

7.1. Every item e-shop has to offer has its own individual description.

7.2. Seller is not responsible for any issues regarding the color, shape, or other information if a Buyer sees things differently due to his monitor's options. 

7.3. Seller provides certain items with a special period in terms of its quality warranty. This period is indicated in descriptions of said items.

7.4. If Seller does not provide a warranty for certain items, the warranty which can be found in law is applied.

8. Item return and change

8.1. Law of Republic of Lithuania establishes Buyer's right to cancel the agreement of purchasing an item using means of communication, including Internet, without giving a reason.

8.2. Buyer has a right to cancel his agreement in 14 weekdays from the moment he or she receives the item. Buyer has to send the unwanted item in 3 days to the Seller from the moment he or she informed the Seller about canceling the agreement. The term is not broken if Buyer sent the item in 14 weekdays and the Seller received the item.

8.3. In order to use his right of returning the item Buyer has to inform the Seller (MB Sumanus verslas, code 304072135, Pavilnionių st. 45-69, Vilnius 12100. e-mail Hello@LemonShop.lt) by filling an electronic application which  can be found by using the following address: https://www.e-tar.lt/portal/lt/legalAct/dad7f330d05511e3a8ded1a0f5aff0a9

8.4. Item must be returned in its original packaging and form. Buyer is responsible for packaging. If packaging is not packed the way it should be, Seller has a right to refuse accepting the return. An original invoice of an order must be included during the return, as well as a filled and signed application of a return.

8.5. An item cannot be returned if it was used or damaged and lost its appearance. This does not include the changes which occurred while inspecting an item when it was first received.

8.6. Buyer cannot refuse his agreement if:

8.6.1. an agreement was made to satisfy special needs of a Buyer when an item cannot be found on the e-shop and is made only when a Buyer makes a special request for it.

8.6.2. if an agreement was made for items which deteriorate quickly and do not last for a long period of time.

8.6.3. if an agreement was made of item which cannot be returned after unpacking due to health or hygiene reasons.

8.7. Seller returns the money of a Client in 14 weekdays or less from the day an item is returned or proof of returning is received, whichever occurs first.

8.8. Seller returns money by using the same method of a Buyer, unless Buyer agrees with a different type of payment method. Buyer does not have to pay any taxes regarding the return.

8.9. If an item does not have a necessary quality, it can be changed with the same item or can be returned.

8.10. Points 8.4 and 8.5 are also applied when an item is returned due to its poor quality.

9. Responsibility of Buyer and Seller

9.1. Buyer is fully responsible for his personal data accuracy. Seller is not responsible for inaccurate information and is not responsible for any damages that may occur. Seller has a right to ask for compensation in case of damage.

9.2. Buyer is responsible for his actions while using the e-shop.

9.3. Registered Buyer is responsible for providing his login information to third party. If a third party is using login information of a Buyer, they are also considered to be a Buyer.

9.4. Seller is not responsible for any damages which occur due to Buyer's inability to become familiarized with these rules despite receiving recommendation to do so.

9.5. If e-shop has links to other websites, Seller is not responsible for any information which can be found in those websites as he does not control these websites nor is he their representative.

9.6. In case of damages, the responsible Party has to pay direct losses to another Party.

10. Marketing and information

10.1. Seller can start any discounts at his own accord.

10.2. Seller has a right to change or cancel discounts without any warning. Any discounts are valid only for the forward, meaning from the moment they are performed.

10.3. Seller sends all the information using provided means of communication in Buyer's profile.

10.4. Buyer sends all his inquiries using information which can be found under "Contacts" on the website. This includes e-mail, phone number. Buyer also can choose to fill a special form of an inquiry.

10.5. Seller is not responsible if the information cannot be received by a Buyer due to his poor Internet connection or any other problems.

11. Final guidelines

11.1. These guidelines are made in accordance to the law of Republic of Lithuania.

11.2. Any disputes regarding these guidelines are solved by negotiating. If negotiating fails, laws of Republic of Lithuania are applied.

12. Company details

MB Sumanus verslas

Registration adress: Pavilnionių str. 45-69, 12100 Vilnius

VAT: LT100010261517

Company code: 304072135

Bank account (IBAN): LT40 3500 010 0017 27950

Paysera LT, UAB - electronic money institution

Bank Code: 35000


Tel: +37067553199

E-mail: Hello@CherryShop.eu